Winemaker Christopher Carpenter leads a bold new adventure in Napa Valley’s finest mountain terroir, exploring the nuance, elegance and charisma of Bordeaux’s great, lesser-known varieties.

Winemaker Chris Carpenter looking closely at wine glass filled with Caladan wine.

What began as a singular Cabernet Franc wine has grown into a philosophy. With our Cabernet Franc and Proprietary Red Wine, winemaker Christopher Carpenter explores the more delicate, nuanced side of Napa Valley’s powerful mountain terroir. By showcasing the graceful complexity of distinguished old-world varieties other than Cabernet Sauvignon, Caladan opens an entirely new perspective on Napa Valley’s famed mountain terroir.

Overlooking Caladan vineyards.

These charismatic bottlings honor the essence of four Napa Valley mountain appellations: Spring Mountain District, Howell Mountain, Diamond Mountain District, and Mount Veeder.

The Yverdon Vineyard on Spring Mountain typically provides the foundation for both our Cabernet Franc and Proprietary Red Wine. Stretching skyward up to 2,000 feet above sea level, this is the coolest of our sites, with a geology dominated by sedimentary soils. These features produce the vineyard’s signature floral and red fruit aromas and fine tannin structure that make these Napa Valley mountain wines so expressive.

Winemaker Chris Carpenter looking down at vine.

With every growing season, however, winemaker Christopher Carpenter evaluates the quality of all our mountain vineyard sites and chooses the brightest star to guide the blend.

He takes a similar approach in determining the dominant grape variety for the Proprietary Red; keeping its varietal composition fluid allows every vintage to shine at its best, and open a unique new perspective on our mountain terroir.

Winemaker Chris Carpenter walking in a Caladan vineyard.